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Disruption of the apical layer in the mouse embryonic cerebral cortex after IR exposure.

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posted on 2016-07-01, 17:47 authored by Mikio Shimada, Fumio Matsuzaki, Akihiro Kato, Junya Kobayashi, Tomohiro Matsumoto, Kenshi Komatsu

Mouse embryos at E13.5 were irradiated with 1 or 2 Gy and the brains were sampled 24 h later and stained with antibodies against (A) ZO1 (green) and Sox2 (blue), used as markers of adherence junctions and neural progenitors, respectively; and (B) γ-tubulin (green), used as a spindle marker. VZ: ventricular zone; SVZ: subventricular zone. Scale bar: 100 μm.