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Diseases and biological functions identified from the sets of DM loci input into IPA for chondrogenic, osteogenic and tenogenic engineered tissues.

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posted on 2016-08-17, 17:30 authored by Mandy Jayne Peffers, Katarzyna Goljanek-Whysall, John Collins, Yongxiang Fang, Michael Rushton, John Loughlin, Carole Proctor, Peter David Clegg

A. Heatmap of the top 20 diseases and biological functions identified using IPA comparison analysis with significant activation z scores (infers the activation state of regulation). Scale relates to activation Z scores were green is a positive activation z-score (activated) and red is a negative score (inhibited). B. A cell differentiation network was identified in all engineered tissue types. The network shown includes DM genes identified in tenogenic tissues. C. The network ‘congenital anomaly of the musculoskeletal system’ was activated in tenogenic tissues. In networks red genes relates to those hypomethylated and green hypermethylated in tissues derived from older MSCs.