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Directed evolution provides insight into conformational substrate sampling by SrtA - Fig 2

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posted on 2017-08-31, 17:38 authored by Muna Suliman, Vishaka Santosh, Tom C. M. Seegar, Annamarie C. Dalton, Kathryn M. Schultz, Candice S. Klug, William A. Barton

A) Basic selection protocol for directed enzyme evolution consisting of three cycles of transformation, growth, single clone picking, and sequencing. B) The frequency and location of mutations identified during rounds 1–3. Mutations that propagated through each round are highlighted in blue. C) The location of the five mutations that were isolated are shown in space-filling format in red, the β6- β7 loop is shown in blue, and the LPET peptide is shown in ball-and-stick format in orange.