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Digital Badge: Numerical MOOC Module 1

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posted on 2014-12-02, 20:16 authored by Lorena A. BarbaLorena A. Barba, Michael Amigot

Image of the open digital badge awarded for Module 1 of the course "Practical Numerical Methods with Python," by Prof. Lorena Barba.


To earn this badge, the learner needs to complete the graded assessment in the course platform including: answering quiz about basic numerical Python commands; answering quiz about basics of initial-value problems; completing the individual coding assignment "Rocket flight" and answering the numeric questions online.

Earners should also have completed self-study of the four module lessons, by reading, reflecting on and writing their own version of the codes. This is not directly assessed, but it is assumed. Thus, earners are encouraged to provide evidence of this self-study by giving links to their code repositories or other learning objects they created in the process.


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