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Differential expression analysis of Pdrg1 silenced clones prepared in H35 cells.

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posted on 22.08.2016 by Claudia Pérez, Francisco J. Pérez-Zúñiga, Francisco Garrido, Edel Reytor, Francisco Portillo, María A. Pajares

(A) Real-time RT-PCR analysis of Pdrg1 expression using the 18s gene as reference in the stable silenced clones (3–44 and 4–18) and the negative control clone (CN-10) prepared in H35 cells. The results shown are the mean ± SEM of four independent experiments carried out in triplicate. (B) Growth curves for H35 wild type cells (♦), the CN-10 (■) and 4–18 (●) clones; the figure shows the mean ± SEM of eight replicates of a representative independent experiment from the four carried out. (C) Pathway analysis of genes exhibiting expression changes ≥2-fold using Gene Ontology; only pathways with p<0.05 are indicated. (D) Real-time RT-PCR verification of expression changes (mean ± SEM; N = 4) in selected genes using the Rn18s gene as reference.