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Differential expressed genes (DEGs) and functional enrichment analysis of the common genes from DEGs of two comparisons, i.e., from mutant VS the domestic silkwom wild type, and from the dometic and the wild silkworm.

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posted on 22.01.2019, 18:41 by Ya-Nan Zhu, Li-Zhi Wang, Cen-Cen Li, Yong Cui, Man Wang, Yong-Jian Lin, Ruo-Ping Zhao, Wen Wang, Hui Xiang

(A) Venn diagram of the DEGs between the wild type and the mutant, as well as domestic and wild silkworm (Bombyx mandarina). The blue Venn diagram represents the total DEGs, The green Venn diagram and the red Venn diagram represent significantly lower and higher expressed, respectively. (B) Functional enrichment analysis of common genes shared in the two sets of DEGs. Corrected p-value: p-value in hypergeometric test after FDR correction. All non-redundant terms that had corrected p-value < 0.05 are shown.