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Differential expressed gene analysis reveals CMS-specific differences between BMI groups.

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posted on 2022-05-13, 17:36 authored by Michael W. Greene, Peter T. Abraham, Peyton C. Kuhlers, Elizabeth A. Lipke, Martin J. Heslin, Stanley T. Wijaya, Ifeoluwa Odeniyi

(A) Euler diagrams were used to visualize the weighted overlap of DESeq2-obtained DEGs (MeanBase > 10, FDR p value < 0.05) between Obese vs. Normal, Obese vs. Overweight, and Overweight vs Normal DEGs for each CMS category. The R package eulerr was used to construct the Euler diagrams. (B) Upset plots were used to visualize the intersection of DEGs between the four CMS categories for each BMI comparison. The R package UpsetR was used to construct the Upset plots.