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Dexamethasone release rates from guinea pig electrode measured in vitro.

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posted on 03.02.2016, 21:50 authored by Maciej Wilk, Roland Hessler, Kenneth Mugridge, Claude Jolly, Michael Fehr, Thomas Lenarz, Verena Scheper

The first 4 mm of the electrode array were immersed into 1 ml of saline solution at 37°C. The saline solution was periodically sampled and DEX concentrations were measured by HPLC-MS (Agilent 1200 HPLC coupled with a Bruker MicrOTOF-Q II MS-detector). Representative release profile measurements for the 1% (red squares) and 10% (blue triangles) DEX loaded electrodes are shown. Over the experimental time period (91 days) the average release rate of DEX from the 1% and 10% loaded electrodes was estimated to be in the order of 16 ng/day and 49 ng/day respectively. DEX release rates were higher in the initial elution period (e.g. average over the first five days: 62 ng/day and 166 ng/day respectively for the 1% and 10% electrodes) with a slow decay over time.