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Developmental expression of hg-pel-3, hg-pel-4, hg-pel-6 and hg-pel-7 in different stages of Heterodera glycines.

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posted on 2016-03-01, 06:40 authored by Huan Peng, Jiangkuan Cui, Haibo Long, Wenkun Huang, Lingan Kong, Shiming Liu, Wenting He, Xianqi Hu, Deliang Peng

Pre-J2, pre-parasitic second stage juveniles; J2, parasitic second stage juveniles; J3, parasitic third stage juveniles; J4, parasitic forth stage juveniles; Female, adult females: eggs; N, negative control (genomic DNA of soybean roots). Maker, DL2000 DNA ladder. Actin, the H. glycines β-actin genem was used as positive control for each cDNA templates.