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Developmental defects in INRA349 mutants.

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posted on 2020-10-22, 17:55 authored by Zhenhui Chen, Enric Zehraoui, Anna K. Atanasoff-Kardjalieff, Joseph Strauss, Lena Studt, Nadia Ponts

(A) and (B). Radial growth in FgINRA349 wild-type, ΔH2A.Z, ΔH2A.Z::H2A.Z, and OE:H2A.Z grown from a central 3 mm-diameter plug (A) or 100 spores (B) on CM agar for three and four days at 25°C in the dark. WT = wild-type I349; Δ = deletion mutant I349ΔH2A.Z; +H2A.Z = I349ΔH2A.Z::H2A.Z mutant; OE = I349OE:H2A.Z; dpi = days post-inoculation. (C). Germination rates of FgINRA349 wild-type, ΔH2A.Z, ΔH2A.Z::H2A.Z, and OE:H2A.Z after eight hours of incubation. (D). Fitted kinetics of sporulation followed for eight days. Black = wild-type I349; dashed red = I349ΔH2A.Z; dashed blue = I349ΔH2A.Z::H2A.Z mutant; dashed purple = I349OE:H2A.Z. For (C) and (D), letters indicate statistically significant curve groups after Kruskal-Wallis testing and Tukey-Kramer correction for multiple testing (p < 0.05).