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Detection of cytokine-producing cells in liver tissues.

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posted on 22.12.2016, 18:55 by Tiago F. Póvoa, Edson R. A. Oliveira, Carlos. A. Basílio-de-Oliveira, Gerard J. Nuovo, Vera L. A. Chagas, Natália G. Salomão, Ester M. Mota, Marciano V. Paes

(a) Detection of TNF-α in macrophages and Kupffer cells in sinusoidal capillaries; (b and c) detection of INF-α in Kupffer cells and lymphocytes; (d) production of anti-inflammatory cytokines (IL-10 in monocytes and lymphocytes circulating in sinusoidal capillaries and TGFβ detected in macrophages inside the portal space; (h) TGF-β-expressing macrophages and Kupffer cells in sinusoidal capillaries; (i and j) detection of RANTES in endothelium and Kupffer cells; (e, f, g, k and l) quantification of the number of cells expressing these cytokines in the hepatic tissue. Monocytes (Mo); Macrophages (Mϕ); Kupffer cells (KC); lymphocyte (Ly) and sinusoidal endothelium cells (E). Asterisks indicate differences that are statistically significant between groups (*p < 0.05). Staining controls are shown in S1 Fig.