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Deletion of OPN has modest effects on metabolism.

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posted on 2017-01-20, 17:42 authored by Anna Wendt, Inês G. Mollet, Anki Knutsson, Victor S. Bolmgren, Anna Hultgårdh-Nilsson, Maria F. Gomez, Lena Eliasson

(A) Body weight in WT and OPN-/- mice measured at 12 weeks. (B) Non-fasted blood glucose levels from WT and OPN-/- mice measured at 12 weeks. (C) Insulin content in isolated islets from WT and OPN-/- mice. (D) Glucose-induced insulin secretion at 11.1 mM glucose from isolated WT and OPN-/- islets described as fold increase over basal insulin secretion at 2.8 mM glucose with and without the addition of 200 ng/ml OPN and/or 100 nM GIP. (E) Same experiment as in (D) but displaying the non-processed data as ng/islet/h. Data are given as mean ± SEM from 28–30 animals (A and B) or from 4 biological experiments with 3 technical replicates in each experiment (C, D, and E). * p≤ 0.05.