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Data availability matrix.

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posted on 13.02.2015, 15:41 by Michelle M. McMahon, Akshay Deepak, David Fernández-Baca, Darren Boss, Michael J. Sanderson

Filled bars indicate the presence of data for a particular locus and taxon. Multilocus datasets are constructed in two ways: (1) as bicliques (within the solid line), in which no taxa are missing any loci, and none can be added without introducing missing data (so they are “maximal”), and (2) as decisive quasi-bicliques (within the dashed line), in which a reference locus serves to restrict the taxon list, but all loci available for those taxa are included. Here locus 1 serves as the reference locus for the decisive quasi-biclique shown, but two others can be constructed by using the other two loci as reference loci. Similarly, other maximal bicliques are present, each containing only two loci (e.g., loci 2 and 3 for taxa C, J, K, L).