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DSI and L. reuteri Significantly Alter Regional Intestinal Gene Expression.

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posted on 08.04.2016, 07:41 by Fraser L. Collins, Regina Irwin, Hayley Bierhalter, Jonathan Schepper, Robert A. Britton, Narayanan Parameswaran, Laura R. McCabe

Non-surgery and DSI mice were treated ± L. reuteri for 8 weeks and gene expression analyzed in the jejunum and colon by qPCR. In the jejunum DSI significantly increased expression of TNFα (p<0.001), IL-1β (p<0.01), IFNγ (p<0.05) and TGFβ (p<0.001). Significant decreases in IL-10 (p<0.01) and occludin (p<0.01) were observed. In the non-surgery cohort L. reuteri significantly reduced IL-10 (p<0.01) expression. In the DSI cohort significant reductions were observed for TNFα (p<0.0001), IFNγ (p<0.001) and TGFβ (p<0.0001). In the colon, DSI resulted in a significant increase in TNFα (p<0.05) and a decrease in occludin expression (p<0.05). L. reuteri significantly reduced expression of occludin (p<0.05), IL-1β (p<0.05) and TGFβ (p<0.01) in the non-surgery cohort. In the DSI cohort, L. reuteri significantly increased expression of TNFα (p<0.01) and IL-1β (p<0.01) while increasing expression of IL-10. n = 8–10 per group. * = significant to non-surgery control, ^ = significant to DSI control. Statistical analysis performed by 1-way ANOVA with Fisher’s LSD post-test.