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DDR1 protein and activity is increased in both early and late models of PKD.

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posted on 01.07.2019, 17:34 by Irfana Soomro, Aram Hong, Zhai Li, James S. Duncan, Edward Y. Skolnik

(a) Kidney tissue lysates from littermate and same sex Pax8rtTA; TetO-cre; Pkd1fl/fl and Pax8rtTA; Pkd1fl/fl (WT) treated with doxycycline and Pkhd1-Cre;Pkd1fl/f and Pkd1fl/f (WT) immunoblotted with anti-DDR1 (DDR1), anti-phospho-tyr-792-DDR1 antibodies (p.DDR1), and β-actin as a loading control. Results from 4 control and 4 PKD kidneys harvested from independent mice are shown. (b) Anti-DDR1immunohistochemistry: Upper panel, normal human kidney (NHK, left) and ADPKD kidney (right); lower panel, Pax8rtTA; Pkd1fl/fl (WT) (left) and Pax8rtTA; TetO-cre; PKD fl/fl (right) mice. Scale bar = 100 micrometers.