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Cytotoxic GFP-specific T cells decreased after rapamycin treatment.

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posted on 06.06.2018, 17:36 by Arlene I. Ramsingh, Steven J. Gray, Andrew Reilly, Michael Koday, Debbie Bratt, Merika Treants Koday, Robert Murnane, Jeremy Smedley, Yuhui Hu, Anne Messer, Deborah Heydenburg Fuller

Multiparameter flow cytometry was used to identify CD8+ CD107+ T cells in PBMC after stimulation with GFP peptide pools. CD8+CD107+ expression in PBMC was monitored 28 and 84 days after transgene delivery in (A) AAV9/GFP (controls); (B) AAV9/GFP and rapamycin.