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Cytological characterization and molecular mapping of a novel recessive genic male sterility in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) - Fig 3

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posted on 20.09.2018, 18:07 by Hongyan Liu, Fang Zhou, Ting Zhou, Yuanxiao Yang, Yingzhong Zhao

Micrographs of anther development in D248A (A-D, I-L) and D248B (E-H, M-P) using light microscopy. (a, b, e, f) sporogonial stage. (c, g) microspore mother cell stage. (d, h, i, m) tetrads stage. (j, k, n, o) microspore stage. (l, p) mature pollen stage. Abnormality of anther development began at the tetrads stage (d, i) and peaked at the microspore stage (j, k) as evidenced by the deformation and degeneration of both the tapetum and microscope. En endothecium, Ep epidermis; M middle cell layer; Sp sporogenous cell, Ms microspore, Mc meiotic cell, Msc microsporocyte; PG pollen grain, T tapetum, Td tetrads. Bars = 60 μm. The magnification power was 10×20 in b and f, 10×40 in a, c-e, h-p.