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Cyclin G shares target genes with PRC1, Asx and RNAPolII but not with Calypso.

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posted on 11.07.2018 by Delphine Dardalhon-Cuménal, Jérôme Deraze, Camille A. Dupont, Valérie Ribeiro, Anne Coléno-Costes, Juliette Pouch, Stéphane Le Crom, Hélène Thomassin, Vincent Debat, Neel B. Randsholt, Frédérique Peronnet

Venn diagrams showing the intersection between Cyclin G-bound genes in +/ UAS-CycGΔP; da-Gal4/+ wing imaginal discs with Pc and RNAPlII (A), Asx and Calypso (B), and K3K27me3 (C) in wild-type wing imaginal discs.