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Crry downregulation triggered complement deposition on placenta.

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posted on 03.08.2020, 17:26 by Manu Banadakoppa, Kathleen Pennington, Meena Balakrishnan, Chandra Yallampalli

Placental complement deposition on 17.5 dpc was measured after shRNA induction on 10.5 dpc in pregnant mice (n = 5–7). Left panel is representative Western blot showing placental C3b deposition levels and density analysis of placental C3b Western blots showing significantly (p = 0.03) higher deposition in CrryshRNA mice compared to control group. Right panel is representative immunofluorescence images showing increased C3b deposition in CrryshRNA mice and semi-quantitation of fluorescence intensity showing significantly higher C3b deposition (p = 0.04) in the labyrinthine zone of CrryshRNA mice compared to control mice. There was no change in fluorescence intensity in junctional zone between the two groups.