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Course overview.

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posted on 23.01.2020, 18:24 by Alex N. Salazar, Franklin L. Nobrega, Christine Anyansi, Cristian Aparicio-Maldonado, Ana Rita Costa, Anna C. Haagsma, Anwar Hiralal, Ahmed Mahfouz, Rebecca E. McKenzie, Teunke van Rossum, Stan J. J. Brouns, Thomas Abeel

Integrated bioinformatics training with time on the x-axis. Lectures (green) give students the necessary background to execute and understand Practical (blue) and Project (purple) sessions. Laboratory sessions (yellow) enable students to employ their biological background and prepare their own DNA libraries from samples of interest. Libraries prepared by each student group are pooled together and run on a MinION device (Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Oxford, UK), generating data to be processed in Project sessions. Backup data previously prepared from the same samples can be used if the students’ MinION run fails to provide enough quality data for analysis. In the Practical sessions, students learn to use established bioinformatics methods, with an emphasis on processing long-read data (see Fig 2, S1 Table and S1 Text). In the Project sessions, they then apply these methods to the generated data to answer specific research questions. After intragroup and intergroup discussions of results, students prepare their final project report and present their results in a poster format.