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Coronary artery pathology seen in H. pylori-infected and uninfected macaques.

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posted on 2019-09-06, 17:30 authored by Traci L. Testerman, Cristina Semino-Mora, Jennifer A. Cann, Beidi Qiang, Edsel A. Peña, Hui Liu, Cara H. Olsen, Haiying Chen, Susan E. Appt, Jay R. Kaplan, Thomas C. Register, D. Scott Merrell, Andre Dubois

Panels A, B, C, and D show arteries from cagA positive (cagA+) animals. Panels A and C show severe necrosis. Panel B shows an atypical bulging plaque. Panels D, E, and F depict arteries that are near the median intimal thickness values for cagA-positive, cagA-negative (cagA-), and uninfected (Hp-) animals, respectively. Measurement lines shown in some images indicate the maximal intimal thickness for those sections.