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Contribution of seagrass plants to CO2 capture in a tropical seagrass meadow under experimental disturbance - Fig 4

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posted on 13.07.2017 by Diana Deyanova, Martin Gullström, Liberatus D. Lyimo, Martin Dahl, Mariam I. Hamisi, Matern S. P. Mtolera, Mats Björk

(A) Schematic of growing genet with two intact ramets (shoots) of the seagrass Thalassia hemprichii: a–length of an internode segment of the horizontal rhizome; h1 and h2 –lengths of Shoot 1 and Shoot 2. (B) Length of Shoot 1 (younger) and Shoot 2 (older) left to grow for the duration of the elongation rate experiment. Measures are mean ±SE, and lower-case letters (Shoot 1) and upper-case letters (Shoot 2) above bars indicate treatments separated by Student–Newman–Keuls post hoc analyses (p < 0.05). For abbreviations, see Fig 1. Comparison is made between treatments and control within Shoot 1 and Shoot 2.