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Contribution of seagrass plants to CO2 capture in a tropical seagrass meadow under experimental disturbance - Fig 1

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posted on 13.07.2017 by Diana Deyanova, Martin Gullström, Liberatus D. Lyimo, Martin Dahl, Mariam I. Hamisi, Matern S. P. Mtolera, Mats Björk

(A) Control, C, and treatments: low shading–LS, high shading–HS, low clipping–LC, and high clipping–HC. (B) Experimental setting showing randomized complete block design (n = 4), with filling patterns corresponding to treatments presented in (A). (C) Schematic of a shoot with rhizomes and roots of a Thalassia hemprichii plant. The circle (on the third fully developed leaf) indicates the location where PAM measurements were made.