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Contrasting effects of copper limitation on the photosynthetic apparatus in two strains of the open ocean diatom Thalassiosira oceanica - Fig 4

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posted on 24.08.2017, 17:57 authored by Anna A. Hippmann, Nina Schuback, Kyung-Mee Moon, John P. McCrow, Andrew E. Allen, Leonard J. Foster, Beverley R. Green, Maria T. Maldonado

A, Representative sequence alignment of predicted LHCs from Thalassiosira oceanica (THAOC, CCMP 1005) and T. pseudonana (Tp, CCMP 1335): boxes indicate conserved residues; dotted lines show linkage between helix I and III; bold residues are predicted binding sites for Chl molecules. B, Cartoon of the predicted general LHC structure (grey) comprised of three membrane spanning helices within the thylakoid membrane (orange) and the lumenal N-terminus and stromal C-terminus [80].