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Construct preparation for yeast two hybrid.

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posted on 26.09.2016, 17:30 by Reenu Kumari, Surender Kumar, Lakhmir Singh, Vipin Hallan

A) Diagram of CMV MP showing cysteine and histidine (Cys-His) rich region (126–194 aa); and RNA binding regions (174–233 aa). N-terminal region (MPn: 1–180 aa); C-terminal region (MPc: 101–279 aa) of MP; and complete MP (1–279 aa) used to prepare constructs in the pGBKT7 vector for yeast two-hybrid screening. B) Diagram of CsAO4 describing the location of the signal peptide, and of domains selected from three regions: Full AO (FAO: 1-578aa); N-terminal AO region (AO-N: 44-161aa); C-terminal AO region (AO-C: 170-336aa); middle AO region (AO-M: 453-561aa); and the signal peptide (1–33 aa) highlighted in grey color.