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Conduction block at electrode-fiber distance of 0.3 mm by PSO-based KHFAC waveform.

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posted on 2020-06-15, 17:33 authored by Guosheng Yi, Warren M. Grill

(A) Simulation setup. A monopolar block electrode was placed 0.3 mm over the central node of 21-node 10 μm diameter model nerve fiber. An intracellular test pulse (width: 0.1 ms and amplitude: 2.5Ith) was delivered at node 0 to generate a propagating AP at t = 120 ms. (B) Transmembrane voltages (top) recorded in node 0 and node 20 in response to KHFAC waveform IBI (bottom). A scale factor of 1.5 was used to design the envelope of IBI, and the green dotted line was the block threshold at electrode-fiber distance of 0.3 mm. (C) Voltage responses recorded in node 10 to node 14.