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Condition states (represented by the four circles) and transition probabilities (represented by the 16 arrows) for cases of hookworm infection treated with albendazole once per year (data from Uganda).

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posted on 01.04.2016, 06:54 by Antonio Montresor, Arminder Deol, Natacha à Porta, Nam Lethanh, Dina Jankovic

The CS and TP were calculated by analysing individual baseline and follow up data from 1423 individuals. The baseline prevalence of hookworm infection was 55% (52% of light-intensity infection, 2% of moderate-intensity infection and 1% of heavy-intensity infection). After one year of implementation of control measures, 69% of the light-intensity infections (CS2) were reduced to “zero eggs”, 29% of the CS2 remained as light-intensity infections and 2% increased to moderate-intensity infections.