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Concordance of differential expression across the 22 tissue/time point combinations.

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posted on 11.01.2018 by Peter Langfelder, Fuying Gao, Nan Wang, David Howland, Seung Kwak, Thomas F. Vogt, Jeffrey S. Aaronson, Jim Rosinski, Giovanni Coppola, Steve Horvath, X. William Yang

To generate this heatmap, we have arranged the miRNA significance Z statistics as a long vector in each of the 22 data sets (individual tissue, time point and series), and calculated correlations of these vectors. The correlations measure how similar the tissues are in their miRNA transcriptomic response to the CAG length mutation. Datasets are ordered by hierarchical clustering with the clustering tree shown on the left. Colors on the heatmap margins indicate tissue (turquoise, striatum; blue, cortex; green, hippocampus; yellow, cerebellum; brown, liver). Only correlations whose absolute value is above 0.20 are shown explicitly.