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Concentrations of flavan-3-ols in plasma of mice given black soybean seed coat extract (BE).

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posted on 06.09.2016, 17:45 by Yoko Yamashita, Liuqing Wang, Fumio Nanba, Chiaki Ito, Toshiya Toda, Hitoshi Ashida

ICR mice were given an oral dose of BE in water at 1 g/kg body weight. The mice were sacrificed 60 min after the dose of BE and blood collected from a cardiac puncture. And then, these plasma samples were used for measurement of flavan-3ols by HPLC. (A) a typical HPLC chromatogram of BE (B) that of flavan-3-ols extracted from BE-dosed mice plasma, and (C) that of flavan-3-ols extracted from BE-dosed mice plasma after treatment with β-glucronidase. 1.C3G. 2.PA2. 3.Unknown. 4. EC. 5.PA3. 6.PA4-2. 7.Unknown. 8.Unkown 9.Unknown. 10.Unknown. 11. Unknown. 12.Unknown. 13.Unknown. 14.Unknown. IS. Internal standard.