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Comprehensive analysis of miRNA and protein profiles within exosomes derived from canine lymphoid tumour cell lines - Fig 1

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posted on 29.04.2019, 17:27 by Hajime Asada, Hirotaka Tomiyasu, Takao Uchikai, Genki Ishihara, Yuko Goto-Koshino, Koichi Ohno, Hajime Tsujimoto

Hierarchical clustering (a) and PCA plots (b) for miRNA profiles of exosomes and parent cells of CLBL-1, GL-1, and UL-1. Exosomes and parent cells clustered similarly for each cell line and the profiles were different among cell lines. Orange dots (exosomes) and red dots (parent cells) correspond to CLBL-1, violet dots (exosomes) and blue dots (parent cells) to GL-1, and grey dots (exosomes) and black dots (parent cells) to UL-1.