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Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequence of Yellow-legged Buttonquail (Turnix tanki)

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posted on 02.06.2021, 06:22 authored by Xue GouXue Gou
The Yellow-legged Buttonquail Turnix tanki is a species of the genus Turnix, which belongs to the order Charadriiformes. It is distributed across almost all of China. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed the bird’s conservation status as “Least Concern (LC)”. We sequenced the complete mitogenome of T. tanki and examined its phylogenetic relationship with other charadriiformes species. The mitochondrial DNA is packaged in a compact 17,620 base pair circular molecule with A+T content of 57.90%. It contains 37 typical mitochondrial genes, including 13 protein-coding genes, 2 rRNAs and 22 tRNAs, and 2 non-coding regions. We reconstructed a phylogenetic tree based on mitogenome sequences of five Turnicidae species and one outgroup. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that T. tanki is a sister to T. suscitator.


National Natural Science Foundation of China (31860610, 31400353); Provincial Key Science and Technology Project of Guizhou ([2016]3022-1); Provincial Science and Technology Plan of Guizhou ([2014]7682; [2019]2842; [2019]1068); Technology Plan of Education Administration of Guizhou Province [2018]102.


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