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Competition of [3H] Lys-des-Arg9-BK (1 nM) binding to hB1R-FLAG by EGFP-S4-P1, the most potent construction (10-fold less potent than unlabeled Lys-des-Arg9-BK).

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posted on 2016-02-04, 21:00 authored by Xavier Charest-Morin, François Marceau

Presentation as in Fig 2. At each concentration, the values of residual binding for the Lys-des-Arg9-BK curve have been averaged, and the S.E.M. shown for the number of determination indicated between parentheses. For EGFP-S4-P1, several preparations of the protein were used, with different protein concentration estimated a posteriori with the GFP ELISA. Therefore, all individual replicates are shown, but the curve is generated using the same equation and least-square method.