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Comparisons indicate if there is a significant difference between the fit of the data to trees generated from the different datasets

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posted on 2011-12-31, 18:45 authored by Diana R Nemergut, Michael S Robeson, Robert F Kysela, Andrew P Martin, Steven K Schmidt, Rob Knight
Boxes above the diagonal represent comparisons using the genes listed above as the reference dataset, while boxes below the diagonal represent comparisons using the genes listed on the side as the reference dataset. The three boxes for each comparison represent distance, parsimony and likelihood based analyses, respectively. White boxes indicate no significant difference, light yellow boxes indicate that one test revealed significant (p < 0.05) differences and yellow boxes indicate that both tests revealed significant differences.

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Taken from "Insights and inferences about integron evolution from genomic data"

BMC Genomics 2008;9():261-261.

Published online 31 May 2008