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Comparison with PP13B.

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posted on 2018-06-04, 17:29 authored by Irene Esteban, Curtis W. Marean, Erich C. Fisher, Panagiotis Karkanas, Dan Cabanes, Rosa M. Albert

Box-Plots showing the distribution of grass, elongate without decoration margins, dicot leaf and wood/bark phytoliths among the different StratAggs from PP13B (Albert and Marean, 2012) (DB Sand 4c, Upper Roof Spall, Shelly Brown Sand and DB Sand 3 StratAggs) and PP5-6N (YBSR, LBSR, ALBS, SADBS and BBCSR StratAggs) sites. The median (mid-line), standard error ± (box), standard deviation (whiskers), outliers extended beyond the whiskers, and the trend line (or line of best fit) showing the confidence region for the fitted line are given for the four plant types.