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Comparison of the short-term effects of oral administration of OA (O OA), transdermal application of OA (TD OA) and CHQ-OA (TD CHQ-OA) pectin matrix patches with respective controls and a standard drug CHQ (D) on plasma insulin concentrations in P. berghei-infected rats with non-infected (NIC) and infected control (IC) animals.

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posted on 2016-12-01, 18:02 authored by Happiness P. Sibiya, Musa V. Mabandla, Cephas T. Musabayane

Values are presented as means, and vertical bars indicate SEM of means (n = 30 in each treatment group).p˂0.05 by comparison with non-infected control (NIC) animals, p˂0.05 by comparison with infected control (IC) animals, p˂0.05 by comparison with CHQ (O CHQ) treated animals.