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Comparison of the effect of IFN-γ in maturing cells and non-maturing PLB-985 cells.

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posted on 2017-10-05, 17:59 authored by Michael A. Ellison, Christy M. Gearheart, Christopher C. Porter, Daniel R. Ambruso

For the immune related genes in Tables 15, the fold change in mRNA levels for DMSO plus IFN-γ treated cells versus DMSO treated cells (grey bars) were compared to the fold changes for IFN-γ treated cells versus untreated cells (black bars). The DMSO plus IFN-γ versus DMSO fold change models the effect of IFN-γ on maturing cells whereas the IFN-γ versus untreated fold change represents its effect on non-maturing cells. Graphs A, B and C show the results for those genes where the DMSO plus IFN-γ versus DMSO fold change (increase or decrease) was greater than 5 fold, 2 to 5 fold or less than 2 fold, respectively.