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Comparison of position of lacrimal in relation to external naris and orbit in different groups of salamanders.

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posted on 04.05.2016, 09:32 by Jia Jia, Ke-Qin Gao

A, Karaurus (Karauridae); B, Salamandrella (Hynobiidae); C, Batrachuperus (Hynobiidae); D, Hynobius (Hynobiidae); E, Ranodon (Hynobiidae); F, Rhyacotriton (Rhyacotritonidae); G, Dicamptodon (Dicamptodontidae); H, Qinglongtriton based on PKUP V0237. A, based on Estes [61]; B–E, based on Fei et al. [82]; F, based on AmphibiaTree [83]; and G, based on Wake [66]. All are depicted in dorsal view, lacrimal is shaded in dark gray and opening of nasolacrimal duct is shaded in dark. Not in scale.