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Comparison of mean Ct values between age and gender cohorts.

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posted on 2023-04-28, 17:28 authored by Owen P. Leiser, Deanna L. Auberry, Erica Bakker, Will Chrisler, Kristin Engbrecht, Heather Engelmann, Sarah Fansler, Vincent Gerbasi, Joshua Hansen, Chelsea Hutchinson, Janine Hutchison, Mary J. Lancaster, Kathleen Lawrence, Angela Melville, Jennifer Mobberley, Isabelle O’Bryon, Kristie L. Oxford, Tessa Oxford, Shelby Phillips, Kabrena E. Rodda, James A. Sanford, Athena Schepmoes, Brian E. Staley, Kelcey Terrell, Kristin Victry, Cynthia Warner, Kristin M. Omberg

Box and whisker plots showing mean Ct values for each qPCR assay using the same data as in Fig 3, parsed further by gender. Whiskers indicate maximum and minimum Ct value for each cohort. Horizontal line within box indicates mean Ct value. Dots indicate outlier samples.