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Comparison of maximum and minimum number of memory T cells formed in PB vaccines using different total antigen doses.

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posted on 12.01.2018, 09:09 by Cristina Fernandez-Arias, Clemente F. Arias, Min Zhang, Miguel A. Herrero, Francisco J. Acosta, Moriya Tsuji

Performance of PB protocols defined as described in Fig 4 for low, intermediate and high vaccine doses (the rest of parameter values are randomly chosen as in Fig 4). A) Each dot represents the maximum number of memory T cells for PB protocols with low and intermediate antigen doses. All the dots are above the line of equation x = y (dashed line), which implies that it is possible to produce more memory T cells with intermediate than with low antigen doses. B) Same as in A for intermediate vs high antigen doses. C,D) The maximum number of memory T cells produced with lower antigen doses can be larger than the minimum of memory T cells created when higher antigen doses are used.