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Comparison of inferred reference RTs to empirical RTs.

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posted on 2019-07-01, 17:30 authored by Albert Tian Chen, Alexander Franks, Nikolai Slavov

(a) Scatter plots of observed RTs versus inferred RTs. The comparisons include 33,383 PSMs with PEP < 0.01 from 46 LC-MS/MS runs over the span of three months. The left column displays comparisons for RT prediction methods—SSRCalc [30], BioLCCC [31], and ELUDE [34]. The right column displays comparisons for alignment methods—precision iRT [52], MaxQuant match-between-runs [7, 8], and DART-ID. (b) Distributions of residual RTs: ΔRT = Observed RT − Reference RT. Note the different scales of the x-axes between the prediction and alignment methods. (c) Mean and median of the absolute values of ΔRT from panel (b).