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Comparison of heritability of whole tissue or tissue-specific components vs. PPA.

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posted on 2016-11-11, 17:37 authored by Heather E. Wheeler, Kaanan P. Shah, Jonathon Brenner, Tzintzuni Garcia, Keston Aquino-Michaels, Nancy J. Cox, Dan L. Nicolae, Hae Kyung Im

Panel (A) of this figure shows the Pearson correlation (R) between the BSLMM PVE of the original (we are calling whole here) tissue expression levels vs. the probability of the tissue being actively regulated in a given tissue (PPA). Matching tissues show, in general, the largest correlation values but most of the off diagonal correlations are also relatively high consistent with the shared regulation across tissues. Panel (B) shows the Pearson correlation between the PVE of the tissue-specific component of expression via orthogonal tissue decomposition (OTD) vs. PPA. Correlations are in general lower but matching tissues show the largest correlation. Off diagonal correlations are reduced substantially consistent with properties that are specific to each tissue. Area of each circle is proportional to the absolute value of R.