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Comparison of dNEVLPMP and sNEVLP groups 2.

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posted on 2020-07-02, 17:46 authored by Felix Claussen, Joseph M. G. V. Gassner, Simon Moosburner, David Wyrwal, Maximilian Nösser, Peter Tang, Lara Wegener, Julian Pohl, Anja Reutzel-Selke, Ruza Arsenic, Johann Pratschke, Igor M. Sauer, Nathanael Raschzok

Comparison of dNEVLPMP and sNEVLP: (A) amount of bile production, (B) gamma-glutamyl transferase within bile, (C) lactate dehydrogenase within bile, (D) liver parenchyma necrosis, (E) liver parenchyma sinusoidal dilatation, (F) bile duct necrosis in TUNEL staining. * indicates p ≤ 0.05 and *** p = 0.001. Data shown as median and interquartile range.