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Comparison in Sharpness Index and Isolation Ratio demonstrate the quantitative proof of improved layer formation with asymmetric cell division and polarized cell adhesion.

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posted on 2018-02-26, 18:22 authored by Huijing Du, Yangyang Wang, Daniel Haensel, Briana Lee, Xing Dai, Qing Nie

(A,C) Sharpness Index for Base Model and Asymmetric Division Model. Bar length represents the value of Sharpness Index at various height in the unit of cell numbers. Red, green and blue stack bars represent the portion of basal, spinous and granular cells at each slice. (B,D) Isolation Ratio for Base Model and Asymmetric Division Model. Mean and standard deviation in 3D model are over an ensemble of 20 simulations. All the parameters used in the simulations are in Table A in S2 Text.