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Comparison between non-survivors and survivors among severe septic patients with or without T2DM.

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posted on 26.07.2016, 13:41 by Yumei Jia, Yongzhen Zhao, Chunsheng Li, Rui Shao

(a) Percentage of PD-1+ CD4+ T cells. (b) Percentage of PD-1+ CD8+ T cells. The percentage of PD-1 on T cells was higher in non-survivors than survivors (P<0.05), but within the survivor group or non-survivor group, no difference can be detected between those with T2DM and those without T2DM (P>0.05). The dot symbols in Fig 3A are outliers, but they do not represent any statistical significance. PD-1, programmed death-1; T2DM, Type 2 diabetes mellitus.