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Comparing latent and known features in swamp sparrow song.

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posted on 15.10.2020, 17:53 by Tim Sainburg, Marvin Thielk, Timothy Q. Gentner

(A) A scatterplot of the start and end peak frequencies of the notes produced by birds recorded in Conneaut Marsh, PA. The left panel shows notes colored by the position of each note in the syllable (red = first, blue = second, green = third). The center panel shows the sample scatterplot colored by a Gaussian Mixture Model labels (fit to the start and end peak frequencies and the note duration). The right panel shows the scatterplot colored by HDBSCAN labels over a UMAP projection of the spectrograms of notes. (B) The same notes, plotting the change in peak frequency over the note against the note’s duration. (C) The same notes plotted as a UMAP projection over note-spectrograms. (D) The features from (A) and (B) projected together into a 2D UMAP space.