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Colocalization plots between Tanzania GWAS and eQTL sites of the EEFSEC gene in "Skin—sun exposed" tissue.

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posted on 19.08.2021, 17:25 by Chenxing Liu, Myoung Keun Lee, Sahin Naqvi, Hanne Hoskens, Dongjing Liu, Julie D. White, Karlijne Indencleef, Harold Matthews, Ryan J. Eller, Jiarui Li, Jaaved Mohammed, Tomek Swigut, Stephen Richmond, Mange Manyama, Benedikt Hallgrímsson, Richard A. Spritz, Eleanor Feingold, Mary L. Marazita, Joanna Wysocka, Susan Walsh, Mark D. Shriver, Peter Claes, Seth M. Weinberg, John R. Shaffer

Note, eQTL results from one representative tissue are shown; similar eQTL signals were observed across multiple tissues and/or cells. The top right plot (b) shows the association results in the Tanzania GWAS; the bottom right plot (c) represents the eQTL results; the left plot (a) shows the colocalization of genetic association and eQTL signals. The SNP indicated by the purple diamond is the SNP for which the African LD information is shown.