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Collective behaviours observed in real shoals (experimental data) and simulated non-social shoals (null-model).

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posted on 2019-05-23, 17:38 authored by Bertrand Collignon, Axel Séguret, Yohann Chemtob, Leo Cazenille, José Halloy

(A) Number of collective residence events (CRE) and (B) collective departure events (CDE) for the 11 groups of two, 12 groups of three, 11 groups of five, 12 groups of seven and 10 groups of 10 zebrafish observed during one hour. Collective residence events are defined as the whole group resting in one of the two rooms and collective departures events are defined as the whole group leaving one of the resting sites. (C) Efficiency of the first leaver to trigger a collective departure of all fish computed as the proportion of CRE that were followed by a CDE.