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Co-immunostaining of VE-PTP and CD31 in developing and adult renal medulla.

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posted on 25.05.2017, 17:34 by Keiko Takahashi, Rachel Kim, Colette Lauhan, Yuna Park, Nghiep G. Nguyen, Dietmar Vestweber, Melissa G. Dominguez, David M. Valenzuela, Andrew J. Murphy, George D. Yancopoulos, Nicholas W. Gale, Takamune Takahashi

Kidney sections from E16.5, P0 and adult (4 weeks) mice were double immunolabeled for VE-PTP (red) and CD31 (green) as described in the “Materials & Methods”. VE-PTP is co-localized with CD31 in renal medulla of developing and adult mice kidneys, indicating its expression in medullary vessels. Scale bar, 50 μm.