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Chondrocyte proliferation.

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posted on 2017-12-13, 18:40 authored by Peter Apelgren, Matteo Amoroso, Anders Lindahl, Camilla Brantsing, Nicole Rotter, Paul Gatenholm, Lars Kölby

Histological sections of 3D-bioprinted constructs with hNCs mixed with hBM-MSCs at day 30 (left) and day 60 (right) after implantation. The glycosaminoglycans in the chondrocyte extracellular matrix were visualized by Alcian blue and van Gieson staining. Progressive proliferation and cluster formation seen after 60 days as compared with that observed after 30 days. Encircled magnifications show the cluster formations. Bars = 1000 μm and 100 μm (magnification).