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Characterizing the temporal mitochondrial acetylome during HCMV infection.

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posted on 2021-04-15, 17:59 authored by Xinlei Sheng, Ileana M. Cristea

A. Average relative peptide acetylation levels in different subcellular localizations. The average abundances of the acetylated peptides at different time points of infection are normalized to the corresponding protein abundances. B. Frequency density of normalized acetylated peptides abundances (log2 fold-change) in the mitochondria and non-mitochondrial localizations at 120 hpi. The acetylated peptide abundances were normalized to the corresponding protein abundances. C. Heatmap of normalized protein abundances in distinct mitochondrial compartments during HCMV infection. D. Motif sequence patterns for mitochondrial acetylated peptides identified at different stages of HCMV infection. The numbers of acetylated peptides are shown at the top for each time point. E. Normalized acetylated peptide abundances clustered by Fuzzy c-means. Membership scores indicate the confidence of the cluster assignment. The motif patterns and the enriched GO biological processes in each cluster are displayed under each corresponding cluster.